Le Bel Amour is a global need focused charitable organization built to solve problems at scale. Our team compromises multiple nationalities from Asia, North America, South America and Europe. We all align on an aligned vision, of a world where the end of suffering isn't a dream, but a very near possibility.

Led by renowned technology entrepreneur, Jem Costa, of Alienware and Hypernia fame, Le Bel Amour's goal is to clean up this planet and provide ways, resources and connections to expedite solutions that make a big impact in the lives of millions of families.


We believe win-win scenarios are possible, even in the biggest conflict areas on the planet. We believe in everyone there is goodness and the way is by aligning to a common vision, commiting to action and follow through on meeting agreements. We live in a world of abundance, it's just a matter of convincing the right people to work together to provide those much needed resources.


On a Global Mission to End all Suffering

Le Bel Amour was conceived in Paris, France in the artistic streets of Monmarte. We believe the world is an abundant resource of talented minds and good hearts. We provide a platform for non profits to reach their goals, by connecting them to those resources they need.

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