Social good at scale, that is our motto. The world is full of wonderful, yet under represented charities, foundations and spiritual organizations. Our mission at Le Bel Amour is to bridge the gap and accelerate the impact that the world awaits. 

Housing & Workspace

We live in a real estate world heavily focused on profit at the expense of the people that live and work in it. What would life be like if our most enthusiastic cause workers could live and work as close to the areas of need as possible? 

Community Revivals

Each city has large pockets of underserved plots of land which high potential. We activate these areas with highly creative community areas that spark life to spaces that can bring people together through food, music and commerce.


The old system of begging corporations for donations hasn't been improved  upon in decades. We are changing that by creating special programs that incentivize our most innovative leaders and building win-win outcomes.

Child Development

Our educational systems were designed over a hundred years ago to create factory workers as industries grew. The new age is one of conservation and sustainability. Education needs to be more balanced to create concious minded citizens of earth.


On a Global Mission to End all Suffering

Le Bel Amour was conceived in Paris, France in the artistic streets of Monmarte. We believe the world is an abundant resource of talented minds and good hearts. We provide a platform for non profits to reach their goals, by connecting them to those resources they need.

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